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Voice of Tranquility

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Voice of Tranquility is an impressive collection of 37 English and 20 Hindi poems by Sonali Ganguly. 

Sonali is born and brought up at Rourkela (Birmitrapur) and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from IIIT Bhubaneswar. Besides academics and research, she loves to respond to her emotions and give them a proper structure. She is the author of 'Does Life Really Moves On,' which is featured among the top 100 debut novels of India in 2020. She has also authored a collection of poems and a collection of short stories titled ‘Droplets of Thought’ and ‘The Scream of Silence,’ respectively. Recently she published a book of quotes titles ‘Lyrical Waves.’ She had compiled three anthologies titled ‘Alchemy of Lyrics,’ ‘Fragments of Thoughts’ and ‘Autumn Diary’ that offered an opportunity to more than forty budding poets to probe deeper into their phychic and give words to their thoughts and perception. She also co-authored more than thirty-five anthologies and consistently wrote for blogs and many websites. Besides academics, writing has given meaning to her life and she honors her recognition as an author.


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