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Immaculate Thoughts

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IMMACULATE THOUGHTS is not only my debut book but a bouquet of thoughts which my meandering mind experienced throughout the journey of my life. To me my words are like flowers and through my book on quotes I am presenting these flowers in the shape of a bouquet to motivate you, to inspire you to face the challenges of life.

For me since childhood writing was the process of ‘offloading ‘ my worries, for me writing frees up mental resources that I can then use to complete tasks more easily. A few months ago, during my hospitalisation and near death experience few lines which came as a brain wave in the journey of my life motivated me to fight death and inspired me to share these lines with you in the shape of a book.

Life is a balance of a range of experiences and emotions and going through rough times at times help you present before the World the best version of you. The lines “Let the happiness be contagious” is the result of these experiences and shall motivate you to present yourself as the one who makes an effort to spread smiles and live in the hearts of all those whom you touch with your smile and love. 

Having my roots in the ‘Heaven on Earth’ Kashmir my words are inspired from its eternal beauty and the spirituality of ‘City of Temples’ Jammu where I opened my eyes for the first time.

Being a humanitarian at heart and work I dedicate my debut book to humanity and hence all proceeds from the sale of this book shall go to Non-Profit ‘THE – SARA’ to spread love and warmth across the face of our beautiful home – the Earth. 

- Raminder Jit Singh


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