Echoes and Sighs by Dr Manju
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Echoes and Sighs by Dr Manju

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The present collection of poems posits variety of emotions and ideas engendered by and contingent to various situations and factors. These emotions represent the human response to the edifice of life that sometimes precipitates hardships and some other times, gives us reasons to smile and even have convulsions. The rapture and plaintiveness are thus inextricably interwoven to register the nuances of human feelings. The poems are about personal and impersonal pains and pleasures, anxieties, states of conundrum and precariousness, which act as threads of commonality running through every human being. The aesthetic beauty of the poems lies deep in the way human feelings are represented. The poet plunges into the river of poetry with the medium of language and offers a few pearls which are arranged randomly like human emotions. 


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